Temporal Bone Dissection and Cochlear Implant Surgery

Course Date:

22-23, March 2024

Course Objective:

Temporal bone dissection now forms an integral part of offerings by ENT surgeons. Cortical mastoidectomy, facial nerve decompression and cochlear implantation are procedures that require precision and practice. This course aims to equip delegates to perform all standard surgeries of the mastoid. It will give surgeons at the advent of their practice greater confidence to operate safely and effectively and manage complications, if any.

Who should attend

We welcome all of the ENT fraternity – Postgraduate students, consultants at the start of their surgical practice, and also senior surgeons who may wish to upskill themselves, and learn new techniques and practices in Temporal bone surgery and Cochlear Implantation.

Day 1

Introduction and external anatomy

Cortical mastoidectomy – Demonstration followed by dissection by participants

Cochlear Implant well recess – Demonstration followed by dissection by participants

“Mastering the mystic mastoid” – presentation

Day 2

Facial recess approach and cochleostomy and Cl electrode insertion -Demonstration followed by dissection by participants

Demonstration of complete cortical mastoidectomy, facial nerve decompression, endolymphatic sac approach, Bill’s island, labyrinthectomy, translab approach to IAC, atticotomy and canal wall down mastoidectomy

Cochlear dissection


Dr. Milind V. Kirtane

Course Director

Dr. Prashant Naik

Esteemed Guest Faculty


Purnima Sardesai – +919322825944 | E-mail: jpac@mpuh.org