Microvascular Surgery Course

Course Date:

23-24, March 2024

Course Objective:

The application of microvascular techniques to problems in reconstructive surgery has enabled the surgeon to revascularize ischemic digits, replant amputated digits, and to transfer directly composite tissue from one area of the body to another for reconstructive purposes. The success of these procedures is directly dependent upon the ability to perform and maintain patent microvascular anastomoses. This course is specially designed to equip delegates to learn microvascular suturing techniques, with hands-on guidance by expert Faculty. The course also addresses the various types offlap surgeries and their use, and also on reconstruction for different specialties.

Who should attend:

We invite surgeons from all specialties:

  • General Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, to name a few.
  • Residents, surgeons in their initial phase of practice, and even senior surgeons who wish to update their knowledge and skills in reconstructive surgery should definitely attend this course.

Day 1

Lecture: Introduction to microsurgery and microvascular suturing technique

Video: Microvascular anastomosis techniques

Practice sessions:

a. Suturing on latex gloves

b. Suturing of silicon tubes

c. Microvascular anastomosis of blood vessels in chicken legs/ rat

d. Nerve suturing

Day 2

Lectures on common flaps and use in reconstruction

a. Radial artery forearm flap

b. Latissimusdorsi muscle flap

c. Anterolateral thigh flap

d. Fibula flap

e. Graci Lis muscle flap.

f. Deep inferior epigastric perforator flap

g. MedialSuralArtery Perforator Flap

Lectures on various microsurgery reconstructions

a. Lower limb reconstruction

b. Breast reconstruction

c. Toe transfer and vascularized joint transfer

d. Lymphatic surgery

e. Head and neck reconstruction

Concluding remarks


Dr. Amresh Baiarsing

Course Director

Dr. Yogesh Bhatt

Esteemed Guest Faculty


Purnima Sardesai – +919322825944 | E-mail: jpac@mpuh.org